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Welcome to SkyMet

This is the home of Skyview Systems' great new weather software; SkyMet.


The Observer Edition allows weather observers to record their weather data in a single location, without messy piles of paper logs, whatever kind of weather equipment they have.

The Standard Edition adds the ability to record data from automatic weather stations, including the Oregon Scientific WMR-928 and Lacrosse WS-2300.

Both editions also include great Internet features, data graphing and raw data collection and export.


You can purchase SkyMet here.

Demo version

A demo version is available which allows you to examine the software, however certain features have been disabled. It will only store ten entries in the log file and the Internet resources are provided as offline examples only. However, you can enter data by hand or machine as you would normally, try the graphs and see the raw data.

Click here to download the software.
Click here to download the offline manual.

DataPak users, please click here for some important information.

Update to V1.20a

Latest Releases:
Owners of previous versions of Skymet can upgrade their software to version 1.20a.
Standard version 1.20a Click here to download the Standard updater.
Observer version 1.20a Click here to download the Observer updater.
You will need to enter your CD key again when installing this update.
Visit the Change Log to see what's new in this version.

Mailing List

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